Biberach is one of the most thriving business locations in Germany. As such, the city is just as popular with highly qualified specialists from Germany and abroad as it is with craftsmen, established companies and young start-up organisations.

This is not without reason as Biberach is known for bringing together a high quality of life, excellent infrastructure and solid economic growth. This, in turn, is one of the reasons Biberach-based companies are so highly ranked ─ particularly in the fields of industry, trade and research. Be it the production and development of (bio)pharmaceuticals at Boehringer Ingelheim, construction machines and equipment from Liebherr or dental instruments from KaVo ─ Biberach is proud of its “hidden champions”!

Biberach also has more to offer with innovative start-ups, owner-managed companies, a range of varied services and a pronounced base of skilled craftsmen who demonstrate their professional skills day in and day out. Despite the success they have achieved, Biberach-based companies have remained well grounded thanks in part to strong corporate values.

For several years now, Biberach has also been making a name for itself in the area of biotechnology. The Biberach University of Applied Sciences for Architecture and Economics is one of the best universities in Germany and educates young people to successfully become skilled workers of tomorrow. The large number of small and mid-sized companies also benefit from being in Biberach.

Currently, the Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre ─ or ITZ Plus ─ is under construction. It is here that a buzzing research and working atmosphere will soon be found as companies and scientists alike work hand in hand on future innovations in designated laboratories, offices, co-working spaces, model rooms and test stands.

See for yourself why Biberach is a place known for striking the ultimate work-life-balance!