Accessibility statement

The City of Biberach strives to ensure that this website is accessible to people with disabilities in compliance with § 10(1) of the State Disability Equality Act (Landesbehindertengleichstellungsgesetzes L-BGG). This accessibility declaration applies to

Status of compatibility with the requirements

This website is partially compliant with § 10(1) of the L-BGG because of the following incompatibilities and exceptions:

Non-accessible content

The content listed below is non-accessible for the following reasons:

a) Incompatibility with § 10(1) L-BGG

  • Documents posted before 23 September 2018 and required for active administrative procedures
  • Documents posted since 23 September 2018
  • Videos that have no or only one subtitle
  • Forms that are currently not available in a accessible version

b) Disproportionate burden

The content listed below is non-accessible for reasons of disproportionate burden according to § 10(2) L-BGG:

  • all pdf documents
  • maps
  • video content

We are committed to making the above-mentioned contents accessible and are continously striving to implement the regulations oft he L-BBG.

Preparation of this Accessibility Statement

This statement was prepared on 13 April 2022 and is based on a BITV/WCAG self-assessment according to § 4(2), number 1 L-BGG Implementing Regulation (Durchführungsverordnung DVO). It was last updated on 13 April 2022.

Feedback and contact details

If you have any problems using the website, feedback will give us guidance so we can make it better. If you experience any trouble accessing services or information on this site, please contact us by using our „report errors“ form. The form data will be transmitted to the online editorial team and will be processed there.

Enforcement procedure

In order to ensure that this website meets the requirements as described in § 10(1) of the L-BGG, you can contact the online editorial team for feedback or further information. The relevant contact details can be found under "Feedback and contact details" of this statement.

If the online editorial team does not respond to your enquiry within the period stated in § 8 sentence 1 L-BGG-DVO, you can contact the conciliation body of the federal state commissioner for the affairs of people with disabilities or the municipal commissioner for affairs of people with disabilities pursuant to §14(2) sentence 2 L-BGG and §15(3) sentence 2 L-BGG.

The contact details of the municipal commissioner for affairs of people with disabilities can be found on the website of the city or district in which you have your permanent residence.

Associations have the possibility to take collective legal action according to § 12(1) sentence 1 number 4 L-BGG.