Fair Trade City

Biberach has been allowed to call itself a "Fairtrade City" since October 2012. As all five criteria of the Fairtrade Towns campaign continued to be fulfilled, the city received the certificate again in 2018.

Among other things the "Biber-Bohne", a fair-trade coffee, is consumed in the town hall. Moreover fairtrade products are offered in grocery stores and restaurants. Various schools as well as churches and associations are also involved. Public relations work is carried out regularly to promote fair trade. The common goal is to encourage as many citizens as possible to consume fair trade products. In addition, awareness of fair trade should be raised.

The Fairtrade Towns campaign also offers the city of Biberach concrete options for action to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, which were adopted in 2015. According to "think globally, act locally", the city is making a contribution with its commitment.

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