Biberach - «Family-conscious Commune Plus»

Family, in this context, means two generations providing for each other. The Town Administration and the Town Council regard the Family as the centre of society and focus of their actions.
Logo Familienbewusste Kommune

Conservation of values and future guidelines originate from the family, and there is hardly any sector within the local administration that has nothing to do with families. For Mayor Norbert Zeidler, it is therefore very important to be sensitive regarding family issues within the community. Consequently, the family aspect has a high priority in the varied aspects within the local administration. In addition to this, many organisations and individuals within the ‘Local Alliance Family Biberach’ (Lokales Bündnis Familie Biberach) care for the well-being of people of any age group and any way of life – just for the whole family.

Since July 2017, the town of Biberach has been granted the qualification “Family-conscious Commune Plus” (Familienbewusste Kommune Plus). Thus, the panel of experts of the ’Network Team Family Baden-Württemberg’ have confirmed the town’s strong commitment for families. The necessary actions required during the certification process are being discussed between the local Family Alliance and the Town Administration, and possible improvements are investigated. The achieved progress is being examined annually and continually observed to again be successfully re-certified.

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