Biberach is a beautiful city in the south of Germany. Lots of small alleys and well-kept houses show the love of the people for their home. In pretty cafés and international restaurants, people talk, laugh and simply enjoy life. Newcomers will find warm-hearted people here, who welcome new fellow citizens regardless of origin or religious affiliation.

Biberach is also a city with a future-oriented perspective as many companies headquartered here have risen to become global market leaders in their industries. From tools, to pharmaceuticals and mechanical engineering, the name Biberach is synonymous with excellent quality worldwide.

To keep things this way, both the companies and city are already thinking about what needs to be done to ensure tomorrow’s success. A variety of schools and the Biberach University of Applied Sciences ensure solid education for future generations, while efficient administration and intelligent urban planning lay the foundation for ensuring further economic growth. Biberach can also step forward when it comes to research.

Are you also thinking about living in Biberach? We are looking forward to see you!

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    Biberach is nothing short of a cosmopolitan city that prides itself in the many different cultures which have thrived here for a very long time. This video provides an initial impression.

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