Biberach an der Riß - The name is synonymous with quality of life. Whether it’s strolling through the beautiful old part of town, being pampered in the local spa or taking a deep breath in nature, the citizens of Biberach adore living in their city.

This high level of satisfaction lowers stress levels and allows everyone to look toward the future in good health and with optimism. This can also be expressed in numbers as in Biberach, significantly fewer people need to be admitted to hospital each year than the state average.

Get inspired by this easy, wonderful way of life and benefit from healthy living in Biberach! If you still need a doctor, our large network of excellently trained and empathetic medical professionals will be at your side around the clock. The health campus at the Hauderboschen area in Biberach is a new clinic that provides modern, high-quality medical care close to home.

Visiting the doctor

In Biberach, doctors from a wide range of specialist areas look after your health. This, in turn, allows you to get back on your feet quickly in the event of an illness or accident.

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Insurance cards

In Germany, all people with health insurance are provided with an insurance card. Your name, date of birth and health insurance are noted down here so that you can identify yourself quickly and easily at the doctor's office.

Family insurance

Those who have statutory health insurance can co-insure their children living in Germany through their own health insurance policy. All of this is possible without having to pay separate (i.e. additional) contributions.

Statutory health insurance

In Germany, everyone is required by law to have health insurance. There are two ways to insure yourself against the costs incurred during medical treatment. One is to acquire coverage through the statutory health insurance (GKV) programme, which gives a wide range of insurance providers to choose from.

Most Germans are insured in the GKV system. Anyone who is permanently employed and earns less than a specific annual salary automatically receives their insurance coverage via the GKV. Contributions to statutory health insurance are based directly on your income and are paid by you and your employer (50:50). You can also insure your children free of charge through the GKV. More information is available from one of the many health insurers.

Private health insurance (PKV)

The second option for insurance coverage is private health insurance (PKV). Here, too, you can decide for yourself which company in the PKV network you want to opt for.

Only a small percentage of Germans are insured in the private health insurance programme as only those who are self-employed, belong to certain occupational groups or earn more than a specific annual income are allowed to insure themselves in this manner.

The premiums paid for private health insurance are based on your entry age and individual state of health. If you already have many pre-existing conditions, the PKV ─ unlike the GKV ─ is legally entitled to refuse you. The only exception to this is when you do not yet have health insurance coverage but meet the requirements for PKV-based insurance. In this case, a PKV-type company must insure you, but then only within the scope of benefits associated with the statutory health insurance programme.

Children cannot be insured free of charge under private health insurance. Parents must therefore pay additional contribution fees.