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Biberach is a good place to be. The city on the Riß river combines a lively history with an optimistic view toward the future. And you can feel this special mix. On a stroll through the city, you will pass many historic houses, medieval alleys or dine in one of the varied restaurants, some of which have been serving guests for decades.

Just as you experience tradition, however, you will also find signs of modernity. People meet in quaint cafés for a business meeting and young company founders discuss their business concepts on a walk through the park as future generations learn to shape both their and our futures at the city’s university.

This special atmosphere is very much promoted by the city as Biberach invests considerably in education and good infrastructure. Urban planning is likewise future-oriented: In addition to housing, Biberach continually creates new commercial space to further strengthen Biberach as a business location.

Above all, however, it is Biberach’s open, friendly people who make the city so unique. With their very own blend of warmth and cosmopolitanism, the “Biber” community ensures that everyone feels comfortable here in their small home in the middle of the Alpine foothills. It is therefore commonplace that new citizens and colleagues be welcomed and invited to join in on activities, regardless of their origin. Everyday life in Biberach is very colorful, as members of various different nationalities do their weekly shopping together on the market place, or keep healthy after work in one of the many sports clubs.

What are you waiting for! Come get to know us! We look forward to seeing you!

Benefits of Biberach

  • Biberach is multicultural: The city is home to people from many different nations.
  • The people of Biberach are open-minded and unbiased: In Biberach, different religions have peacefully coexisted for centuries. Newcomers are also welcomed and integrated.
  • Biberach is safe: The crime rate in Biberach is significantly lower than the average for the region.
  • “Bibers” are healthy: The citizens of Biberach benefit from the city’s high quality of life and visit the hospital significantly less than the average German.
  • Numerous recreation areas: Biberach is situated in beautiful natural surroundings, with numerous destinations for recreation and relaxing.
  • Biberach administration officials work quickly and efficiently: Biberach streamlines government procedures with its fast and efficient administration.
  • Pronounced business location: Biberach is home to many internationally and nationally renowned companies and is equally popular with trade businesses and start-ups.
  • Biberach invests considerably in research: At ITZ Plus, companies and scientists work together on future-oriented solutions; Biberach University of Applied Sciences is one of the best universities in all of Germany.
  • High level of education for young people: Biberach’s many schools safeguard a high-quality, comprehensive education for the generations to come

Location Factors


  • Biberach is nestled in the rolling hills of the Alpine foreland
  • approximately 40 km south of Ulm in the “Stuttgart-Munich-Lake Constance triangle”
  • Direct access to the A7 and A8 motorways via the four-lane B30 toward Ulm
  • Small regional airport for aircraft weighing up to 5.7 tonnes and helicopters
  • The Stuttgart, Friedrichshafen and Memmingen airports are about an hour’s drive away

Business location

  • High level of education and employment among citizens
  • Efficient, fast administration
  • Home to many “hidden champions” and numerous well-known companies in the skilled trade and mid-sized business sector
  • Attractive business location


  • Exceptional infrastructure thanks to forward-looking urban planning
  • Sufficient building land for new construction projects
  • Well-developed bus network with departures at least every 30 minutes
  • Railway station for connecting the region from the city centre

Leisure activities

  • Well maintained old part of town with restaurants and cafés
  • Various different cultural offerings in the city
  • Great shopping experience in owner-managed small shops and boutiques
  • Numerous beautiful excursion destinations in the surrounding area
  • Comprehensive sports offering
  • Colourful festive calendar and many opportunities for volunteering


  • “Hospital zum Heiligen Geist” (infant care, programme for seniors, community home, forestry and real estate management and much more)
  • Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund charitable aid agency
  • Arbeiterwohlfahrt workers' welfare organisation
  • Blue Cross
  • BürgerSozialGenossenschaft Biberach eG
  • Caritas Biberach
  • German Red Cross
  • Diakonie Biberach
  • Diaconal social welfare station
  • Catholic social welfare centre
  • Emergency pastoral care Biberach
  • St. Elisabeth Foundation

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