City Life

Searching for a flat

Comparatively it is easy to find a suitable flat in Biberach. In recent years and decades, the city has considerably invested in solid urban planning and created sufficient housing. To ensure that this remains the case in the future, additional building plots for single-family homes and apartment buildings are currently being created on the eastern edge of Rindenmoos. Additional building areas are currently in planning.

Anyone looking to move to Biberach can leverage many different media to find a flat or house. The regional daily newspapers and advertising journals, for example, regularly list offers on the housing market. If you prefer to search online, you can use one of the well-known German real estate portals, including ImmobilienScout24, immonet and immobilio. You can also commission a local real estate agent to have appropriate offers sent to your inbox on a regular basis.

Good to Know: Have you found a great new place to stay and are now in the process of moving? Then you can have the parking spaces located directly in front of your building blocked off for the day of the move to ensure you have enough space for your moving van. Apply for this service directly at the Biberach Ordnungsamt (public order office).

Example cost breakdown

Avg. Rent for 60 m² (3 Persons)  = € 627
+ Heating = € 50 (e.wa riss fix 24)
+ Electricity = € 85 (e.wa riss fix)
+ Water = € 45
+ Radio licence fee = € 18.36
+ Waste disposal = € 20
Total complete = € 845.36


Building plot prices, developed (2020)
  • Building areas in Biberach: € 185/m2 - € 250/m2
Buildings and flats (2021)
  • Residential buildings in Biberach and surrounding areas: 7,510
  • Flats in Biberach and surrounding areas: 17,271

Promoting home ownership

Have you found a nice flat to rent but want to buy sooner or later? Different points of contact and phone numbers can be found here.

Rental contract and ancillary costs

Unlike the big cities in Germany, living in Biberach is affordable. Here we have listed the current rental index for you and explain what other costs are involved when renting a flat.

Current rental index

Average rent in Biberach in 2020/2021:

Flat with 30 m² = € 13.67/m², i.e. € 410.10/month
Flat with 60 m² = € 9.81/m², i.e. € 588.60/month
Flat with 100 m² = € 9.84/m², i.e. € 984.00/month

In addition to the rent, you also have to factor the costs of living into the flat ─ the so-called ancillary costs or operating costs. This primarily includes the costs for water, electricity, heating, broadcasting and waste disposal. As a general rule, you should allow for an additional 20 to 30 percent of rent in ancillary costs.

Energy and water providers

In Biberach, you can get your electricity, gas and water from the same source: E.wa riss GmbH & Co. KG ensures a seamless supply to Biberach households. Learn more about the different rates here.

Phone, Internet and television

Various providers supply you with telephone, Internet and television service in Biberach. You can choose not only between different providers, but also different technologies. Internet via an LTE connection is just as possible as a DSL or cable-based connection.

Broadcasting fees

Unlike private TV and radio stations, public broadcasting in Germany is financed by a licence fee. This fee must be paid by every German household. More information is available on this website

Waste separation

In Germany, people dispose of waste in different bins. This allows the waste to be sorted more easily for recycling. Paper goes into the paper bin (also called the blue bin (blaue Tonne)), plastic in the yellow bin (gelber Sack) and residual waste in the black bin (schwarze Tonne).

Every household is provided with these waste bins by the district of Biberach for a monthly fee. The bins are provided automatically following registration at the Bürgeramt (citizens' registration office).

All bins are emptied every two weeks. When a bin is full, you must take it upon yourself to ensure you do not miss the collection date. You can view the collection dates for your street here: 

Waste collection calendar 

In large apartment buildings, the landlord or building community typically takes care of waste disposal.